Authentic made to order Cambodian Cuisine  

We are located on the Eastside of Providence, Between Adlers Hardware and Coffee Exchange just one building in from Wickenden Street.  We offer dine in lunch, dinner, take-out, and free delivery services.  Our menu is on  and  for all your delivery and take-out needs.   

Angkor is a unique restaurant, serving made to order dishes with flavors of SouthEast Asia.  You will be pleased with the quality and taste of my foods.  Please be patience.  Angkor is not your typical Asian restaurant.  I am the chef/owner, making all the sauces and doing all the cooking, giving you consistent quality and taste.  I hope that you enjoy your visit. 

I want to personally thank all my loyal customers, Brown University, and the RISD community for giving me the opportunity to run a successful restaurant and helping me provide for my two teenagers.  As a single dad, it's very difficult raising teenagers and running a restaurant.  After escaping a prison camp and losing most of my family in Cambodia, there's no task that I can't handle.   I give all of my time and effort to my children  and doing the best possible job cooking for all my customers.  There is no such thing as calling out sick, But I am closed for a month in August. 

Thank you in advance for understanding and hope that you enjoy your visit.   Compassion for each other will lead to world peace.